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Are there available rooms besides those shown in the online booking?

No, unfortunately not. The online booking always shows the current status of available rooms. Cancelled rooms are continuously published on the online booking.

How can I taste Ästad's wines?

Our wines can be ordered by the glass in the Smakbaren at Sinnenas Spa, in the reception lobby, and as often as possible at Restaurant Logen. In Restaurant ÄNG's beverage package, a glass from Ästad Vineyard's crops is also included.

After good growing years, we have more wine in the cellar and can sell our wines by the glass or bottle. However, we plant large quantities of grapevines each year to ensure that in the future, we can always offer a wide variety of wines and vintages.

Are Ästad's wines sold in stores?

Currently, we do not have any wine in Systembolaget's standard assortment, but we sometimes make temporary releases. The wine we cultivate and produce is primarily prioritized for our guests. However, we plant thousands of new grapevines every year to soon have larger quantities of our own wine in our cellar. A launch in Systembolaget's standard assortment and export could definitely become a possibility in the future.

Why are some packages not displayed on the date I selected in the online booking?

There could be various reasons why a package is not available for booking on the date you have selected in the online booking.

For instance, Restaurant ÄNG is open for dinner from Monday to Friday, and for breakfast from Tuesday to Saturday. Hence, ÄNG is not open for dinner on Saturdays or Sundays.

It could also be due to Sinnenas Spa being fully booked and unable to accommodate more guests on the chosen date, as we prioritize a good experience in the spa environments.

Does Sinnenas Spa have an age limit?

Yes, Sinnenas Spa has an age limit of 13 years.

Can I charge my car at Ästad Vingård?

Yes. On the estate's parking, there are many charging stations (up to 12 kW). The Northe app is used for charging/payment. Download the app now and save time before your visit!

1. Download the Northe app
2. Register yourself and your payment card
3. Scan the code on the charging station to start charging

The charging station's display may sometimes incorrectly show the message "Hold up card." You should always start charging by following step 3.


Is it allowed to bring children?

Absolutely. Ästad Vineyard does not specifically market itself as a family destination, but children are of course welcome. However, Sinnenas Spa has an age limit of 13 years, and our wine tastings have an age limit of 18 years.

Is Ästad Vingård accessible for people with mobility impairments?

Ästad Vingård has several adaptations for those with mobility impairments or other needs. Follow the link to read more!


What is the difference between the restaurants Logen and ÄNG?

Restaurant Logen is Ästad Vingård's hotel restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Restaurant ÄNG is a separate restaurant at Ästad Vingård that serves a set tasting menu from Monday to Friday, and a tasting breakfast from Tuesday to Saturday.


Are dogs allowed at Ästad Vingård?

At the moment, it is not possible to book a special room for pets or bring dogs to Ästad Vingård.

How do I get to Ästad?

During the summer, the bus "Åkturen" runs from Varberg Bus Terminal to Ästad Vingård. Unfortunately, there is no public transport to Ästad during the rest of the year. The easiest way to get to us is by car. Parking is free, and we have several charging stations on the premises.

You can always contact us to help arrange a taxi or transportation. The nearest train stations are Varberg C or Falkenberg C.


Where can I find a map of Ästad Vingård?

You will receive a map of the different areas at Ästad Vingård when checking in. You can also download it as a PDF.


Can I have my wedding at Ästad Vingård?

Currently, we find it challenging to host a wedding dinner with an accompanying party while ensuring a calm and relaxing environment for other guests. Therefore, we are not organizing weddings at this time.

What happens if I forget belongings during my visit?

For forgotten items of higher value (including driver's licenses, bank cards, and similar), Ästad Vingård will contact the guest immediately.

Other items that are left behind are kept for about three months, after which the item is donated to charity or recycled/discarded. It is up to the guest to inquire about the lost item by contacting us. If there is a match between the sought-after and found items, we always contact the guest for possible delivery. An invoice for the shipping cost will be included in the package.

Forgotten underwear, intimate products, etc., are not saved but are discarded immediately.


Where can I find the booking terms and conditions?

Follow the links to download or view the current booking terms and conditions.


Can I swim in Sjöparken's natural pool even in winter?

Yes. If it gets so cold that ice forms on the natural pool, we make sure to keep an area open for swimming near each room.

How far in advance can I book?

Around June 15th, we release rooms for January 1st to June 30th of the following year.

Around December 15th, we release rooms for July 1st to December 31st of the following year.

Please follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter to get the exact dates and times for these releases!

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