About us

From the beginning, Ästad Vingård was a traditional farm but now it has won the award for the Nordics’ most inspiring environment for meetings and activities. It is the siblings Linda, Mattias and Daniel who owns and run the company today. The siblings have not let go of their agricultural background and the down-to-earth mentality affects everything in the business concept – from activities such as the Prisoners on the Farm to ingredient sourcing for the restaurants.


Mattias som är kock på vår restaurang.
Porträtt av Daniel ute på vinodlingen.


We don’t have the buzz of the city and we don’t have a train station, but we think our location is perfect. It’s where we’re based and it’s where we have our roots. It has qualities that can’t be found anywhere else, anywhere in the world in fact. And the values that we have here can never be artificially created. We hope that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to discover the beauty and peace that we have here – in the depths of the Halland countryside.

Here, on the fringes of the beech woods of Åkulla Bokskogar nature reserve, we have a wealth of crystal-clear lakes. We are situated at the heart of a rolling organic farming landscape. Here at Ästad Vingård, we have 50 hectares of arable land and just as much meadow and grazing land, and now we also have 22,000 vines.

A company in constant transformation

When Rolf took over the farm from his parents in 1985, life in the country was difficult and profitability was poor. But Rolf didn’t give up but chose instead to broaden his view and think different.

The result of this was that the farm became one of the very first to distribute organic milk. Since then, the farm has been in constant development – a small-scale tourist business led to the old hen house becoming a café. The animal stable became cozy rooms for overnight stay. The adventure concept ”Prisoners on the farm” quickly became popular and are still one of Ästad Vingårds most beloved activities.

At the end of the 1990s, Rolf presented a daring idea that today has become reality – Sinnenas Spa is now a beautiful sauna and bathing landscape where you use the closeness to nature and water as a way to create a unique outdoor spa experience. The vineyard and winery are the farm’s latest venture and is a project that is under constant development.

At Ästad Vingård we know from experience that every new challenge also means new opportunities.

Linda som arbetar på Ästad Vingård.