Accommodation at Ästad Vingård

Visit our vineyard for a relaxing and inspiring stay. All our accommodations are located in the middle of a rural little farm with the vineyard as the backdrop. We have several different types of accommodation that can suit everything from the spa-relaxer as well as the forest hiker. There are many kinds of rooms, everything between the high-tech rooms equipped with a sauna to our cozy timbered cottages in a rustic but wonderfully genuine feel. The common denominator is an immersive and relaxing experience with enjoyment for all your senses throughout.


Hotel Kvarnbäcksgården

In this hotel there are 24 rooms with very high standard and comfort has been taken to a new level. All the rooms are fully equipped with comfortable beds, waterfall showers and your own personal sauna. The four suites are also equipped with a beautiful bath all in natural stone.

The interior design is inspired by the surrounding nature and forests. Furniture and decorations are all in natural colors and materials to give the soothing state of mind similar to what you would feel sitting on a rock smelling the fresh and clean air of the neighboring beech forest.

More information about the different rooms can be found below.



Our standard rooms in the hotel Kvarnbäcksgården really do set the standard high. The rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with all the features you may need to fully enjoy your stay.

All rooms are equipped with their own private sauna, which you can use whenever you wish.

Solen lyser in i ett hotellrum i Kvarnbäcksgården


In our superior rooms you will find a larger, more spacious room compared to our standard rooms. However, the biggest difference is that the Superior room has got a large steam sauna in the bathroom instead of just a regular sauna. Connect your phone to the speakers an relax in the steam to your favorite songs.

Simply Superior.


Just as the name suggests, the suites are our finest rooms. With a magnificent view of our spa and garden, you are offered a wealth of impressions and emotions. The room has its own spa section with a sauna, a waterfall shower and a bath completely in natural stone. You will not be disappointed.

Altogether a perfect experience.

Utsikt ifrån Kvarnbäcksgården



A hotel room in hotel Stenbackagården is for those looking for a room in a cozy, and rustic environment. All 24 rooms are equipped with shower and toilet, TV, minibar and Wi-Fi. All rooms can be used as single, twin or triple rooms so you can bring your whole family!




Lillstugan has a high coziness level but with hotel standard. Two beds, shower and toilet. Here is a hob and a small refrigerator. Lillstugan is located in the middle of the farm, close to the restaurant and spa and is surrounded by its own small porch. However, this cottage lacks Wi-Fi and TV so disconnect and enjoy the surrounding forests and gardens.


Bäckstugorna (Cottages)


These cabin cottages are beautifully situated overlooking the meadows and water of our spa garden. Here you will sleep well in comfortable bunk beds. Shower and toilets are situated in a shared common area just in front of the cottages. We have four cottages with six beds, one with four beds and one with two bed and the last one has a double bed instead of bunk beds.


Timmerstugan (Timber lodge)

The Timber lodge is located in the middle of Ästad Vingård and can accommodate eight beds over four twin bedrooms. All rooms in the cottage share a single shower and toilet. There is a common small kitchenette and a large common room with room for everyone to sit around.


Book accommodation at Ästad Vingård

Book accommodation at Ästad Vingård

Are you interested in booking a room at Ästad Vingård? Contact us at info@astadvingard.se or at +46 (0)340-46061