Kick-off and Corporate events

A well timed kick-off with your company can provide energy and spirit for the group for the rest of the season. We can give you an experience that develops, engages and brings joy to the group. If you can laugh together – you can work together. By collaborating through our teambuilding activities you will find your way of working together and you might learn new ways of tackling challenges in the future. Quiet or fast-paced; you decide. We tailor the corporate event to your needs and wishes.

Let us give you an unforgettable experience in beautiful environment with good food at an award-winning conference facility.


Konferens vinprovning
Ett lag i gruppaktiviteten Fångarna på gården.
slänger sig ut ifrån ziplinan
äventyr på hög höjd


Deltagare i Fångarna på gården

Prisoners on the Farm

FR. 316 SEK/P. ex VAT

At Ästad Vineyard we highly recommend ”Prisoners on the Farm” for your kick-off. It is a very flexible activity and everyone can participate.

Muddy or clever? We adapt the challenges to the group’s wishes; If you want it to be muddy, gritty and measure strength, we can do it. If you want the more clever, problem-solving way, then it can be arranged just as well. And there is always a place in the cheering squad if you don’t feel like testing the obstacle course.

Best of Three

The classic Prisoners on the Farm takes about two hours to complete and the ”Best of Three” takes about an hour. The only difference between this and Prisoners on the Farm is the amount of stations or activities you do. With a best of three as the name suggests you do three stations.

Prisoners on the Farm, 316 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimum price 2.528 SEK/group)
Best of Three, 236 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimum price 1,888 SEK/group)
Rental of overalls and farmers cap, 116 SEK/P. ex VAT
Wheelbarrow with snacks, 263 SEK ex VAT (calculated on about 6 people)
Sandwich, 58 SEK ex VAT
Non-alcoholic beverage, 22 SEK ex VAT

If you want an extra hour on Prisoners on the farm there will then be an extra charge of 80 SEK/P. ex VAT.


High Ropes & Zip-Line

372 SEK/P. ex VAT

A popular high-altitude activity which is so much more than just an adventure. This activity is used to increase the group’s confidence and to build strong teams.

The main goal of this activity is that the individual and the team should be able to train in handling different challenges, both physically and mentally. Knowing and accepting oneself is a basic prerequisite for being able to build up mutual trust in others.

High Ropes & Zip-line, 372 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimum price 2,976 SEK/group)
High Ropes, 300 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimum price 2,400 SEK/group)
Zip-Line, 156 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimum price 936 SEK/group)
Wine & cheese in the Skybar, 192 SEK/P. ex VAT (140 SEK/P. with non-alcoholic beverage option)
Beer & charcutiers in the Skybar, 133 SEK/P. ex VAT (116 SEK/P. with non-alcoholic beverage option)

Sinnenas Spa

276 SEK/P. ex VAT

The ”Spa of the Senses” is fabulous in many ways. Choose from a Nordic dry or tropical steaming sauna. Relax in a warm tub outdoors overlooking the meadows and beech forests. Pure magic is the opportunity to swim in a lake of rippling spring water. Our incredible underwater sauna has been mentioned as one of the best saunas in the world.

A visit to our unique Sinnenas Spa is something that is appreciated by many guests. This includes visits to an underwater sauna, steam sauna, mill sauna, cozy sea bath sauna and hot tub.

A Spa-kit is also included (bathrobe, slippers and towel).

Open for booking Sunday to Thursday between 9 am 15:00 – 18:00 and on Fridays and Saturdays from 17:00 for groups over 6 people.

Sinnenas spa, 276 SEK/P. ex VAT


Guided tour in the Vineyard

100 SEK/P. ex VAT

Every day we offer a guided tour in our vineyard and winery, where one of our knowledgeable guides takes you through the whole process – from buds to finished wine!

The guide takes about 1 hour and for those who wish, you can end the tour with a wine tasting! During evenings and if the rain is pouring down there is a possibility to do the guided tours indoors in the winery with a slide show describing the cultivation. Skål!

Guided tour, 100 SEK/P. ex VAT (minimipris 600 kr/grupp)


Wine tasting

FR. 100 SEK/P. ex VAT

Whether you are used to wine tastings or a novice does not really matter since wine tastings is largely based on common sense. So stop for a while and concentrate on how the wine affects your senses – and discover your own tastes.

Our wine tastings are led by one of the vineyard’s talented sommeliers. At the tastings below, there is always 1 wine from the farm and at the 3 and 5 wine tastings the other wines may vary from time to time.

Tasting of:
1 glass of wine, SEK/P. ex VAT

3 glasses of wine, SEK/P. ex VAT
5 glasses of wine, 380 SEK/P. ex VAT


Book your next Kick-off at Ästad Vingård

Book your next Kick-off at Ästad Vingård

If you are interested to book a conference at Ästad Vingård or just have any question regarding our facilities please contact us via mail konferens@astadvingard.se or call us +46 (0)340-46061.Alteratively you may fill in the form below to request a quotation.

Thank you for your interest!