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Premium conference package

Conference without compromise

Is it time to discuss important matters? Then leave the city and experience the tranquility and privacy of Ästad Vingård. Here you will have the possibility to meet and discuss in peace and focus on your goals. As a break you will have the opportunity to learn how we make wine in a cold country such as Sweden.

In our new Premium conference package, you get a deeper insight in the work of the vineyard as well as you get the best of the services and amenities that Ästad Vingård has to offer. This is a perfect package for the management team, the board or the company that has something extraordinary to celebrate or discuss. The package includes:


Konferensrum Sten med mossvägg

What is included?

Day 1

✓ Morning fika
✓ 2-course conference lunch in restaurant Logen
✓ Afternoon fika with cheese, charcutiers and sparkling wine
✓ Tour in the winery with our Winemaker
✓ Tasting menu in restaurant ÄNG
✓ Accommodation in hotel room with your own private sauna

Day 2

✓ Breakfast buffet
✓ Morning fika
✓ 2-course conference lunch in restaurant Logen
✓ Afternoon fika + something to bring home.

Always included:

✓ Flexible and modern meeting rooms
✓ State-of-the-art tech within sound and picture
✓ A conference host who will be available to assist
✓ Notepads and pens
✓ Spring water, fruits, nuts and sweets

Bath in your private sauna to the music of your own Spotify list

Hotel Kvarnbäcksgården is a spa hotel with a unique theme throughout. The lobby and rooms take inspiration from nearby forests and nature. The rooms are equipped with the latest technology, so you can control the light, sound and blinders to your exact preference.

Each room in Kvarnbäcksgården is also equipped with its own private sauna so you can relax on your own terms. In addition, you can play your favorite playlist whilst doing so!


Solen lyser in i ett hotellrum i Kvarnbäcksgården
Vinmakarna diskuterar vinets kvalite

Exclusive tour in the winery with our own winemaker

We open up the doors to our wine production and you and your party will get an exclusive and private tour through the winery. Claes or Leonard who are our graduated oenologists/winemakers will guide you through the production and the difficulties of growing grapes in Sweden. They will also answer all your questions regarding vine cultivation and the production.

And if you are lucky you might get to try something.


Unique flavors from the deep forests and beautiful farmlands

The tasting menu will take you on a journey through the pantry of Halland which is our home county located in southwestern Sweden. Every dish has got its own story and origin and are created to activate all your senses. Restaurant ÄNG is our restaurant concept where we never compromise on quality and service. The beverages and dishes are carefully selected with the changing seasons and of course there’s a non-alcoholic option.


Book a Premium Conference Package

Book a Premium Conference Package at Ästad Vingård

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