Packages and rates

Ästad Vingård offers a great choice of activities and things to do during your visit. Regardless if you come here with your colleagues and business or privately with family and friends, we believe there is a package perfectly suitable for your party.

Private or business?

On this page you will find all our personal packages. There are links to book and to read more under each package.

If you are looking to book a conference for your business, you will find more information about the conference packages here:


Vy på sinnenas spa från hotellet

Gourmet Package

Gourmet package

Fr. 1.890 SEK/P.

This package is designed for those who want to get away and enjoy taste experiences beyond the ordinary. We have gathered the season’s best produce and created a tasting menu which takes you on a journey through the local county Halland’s own pantry. The package also includes overnight accommodation in our hotel and a delightful breakfast in the morning the following day!


Vineyard Experience

Vineyard Experience Classic

Fr. 1.655 SEK/P.


Gröna vindruvor från vår vinodling.

Our vineyard experience package is perfect for those who are curious about the challenges that arise when attempting to grow grapes in southern Sweden! The package includes accommodation in our cozy hotel, a guided tour in our wine production and vineyard, a 3-glass wine tasting (1 of them is from our own production). The evening ends with the Farmers Menu (4-course meal) in restaurant Logen. Before departure the day after you get to enjoy our traditional Swedish breakfast buffet.


Vineyard Experience GolD

Fr. 2.110 SEK/P.


En hink med gröna vindruvor från vår vinodling.

The vineyard experience gold focuses a little further on what we are passionate about – namely food! And wine of course! This package offers accommodation in our cozy hotel rooms, a guided tour in our wine production and vineyard, a 3-glass wine tasting and the reduced tasting menu in restaurant ÄNG. Enjoy a generous traditional Swedish breakfast buffet the morning after.



Vineyard experience Premium

Fr. 2.610 SEK/P.


Vinter i vingården
(Suite is recommended)

This package is intended for those who want the best of everything without compromise. Enjoy a guided tour in the vineyard and a 3-glass wine tasting. Check into one of our luxury suites in our spa-hotel. Experience the full tasting menu of restaurant ÄNG and of course a traditional Swedish breakfast in restaurant Logen is included as well.


Fantastic Friday

Konferens vinprovning

Fantastic Friday

Fr. 1.985 SEK/P.

Start the weekend in the best way possible! With our Fantastic Friday package, you can pick among the best of everything that we do at Ästad Vingård. Why not a wine tasting with three exciting wines from different parts of the world? In the evening you will experience the reduced tasting menu in restaurant ÄNG inspired by the local farms, forest, lakes and meadows. Stay in our hotel rooms with your own private sauna and enjoy a big traditional Swedish breakfast in the morning before departure.


Spa packages

Spa Package Classic

Fr. 1.580 SEK/P.


En person som njuter i en badtunna på Sinnenas Spa.

Our most popular package, perfect for those who want to away to experience the peace and quiet in a beautiful and natural environment. This package includes accommodation in a cozy hotel room, entrance to Sinnenas Spa, the Farmers Menu (4-course meal) in restaurant Logen and a big traditional Swedish breakfast the day after.


Spa Package Gold

Fr. 2.035 SEK/P.


Ett par som sitter och njuter i en bastu på Sinnenas Spa.

Our spa package gold is for those who appreciate the peace and quiet in a beautiful and natural environment. It’s for those who travel to enjoy extraordinary experiences when it comes to taste and smells in food, drinks and nature. The package includes accommodation in a cozy hotel room, entrance to Sinnenas Spa, the Farmers Menu (4-course meal) in restaurant Logen and a big traditional Swedish breakfast the day after.


Spa Package Premium

Fr. 2.535 SEK/P.


Utsidan av sjöbodsbastun
(Suite is recommended)

This package is for those who do not compromise on relaxation and taste experiences. Stay in one of our suites in our spa hotel and enjoy your own little private spa inside the room. Entrance to our unique spa garden called Sinnenas Spa is included and during the evening you get to experience the full tasting menu from restaurant ÄNG. A Swedish breakfast buffet will be served in restaurant Logen on the day after.


Sunday-Monday Package

Sunday-Monday Package

Fr. 1.176 SEK/P.

Offer begins 5th of August

Sundays are for relaxation and recharging. Extend the weekend with us and start the new week fully loaded with energy and power. Spend the afternoon in the Sinnenas Spa and warm up in our saunas and hot wooden tubs. Finish the evening with the rich Farmers Menu in restaurant Logen.



Hiking Packages

Hiking Package Classic

Fr. 1.525 SEK/P.


En stig i en grön skog.(Accommodation in cottage)

In the Hiking Package Classic you start your day with a good morning coffee and some Swedish fika. You will receive your packed lunches and maps of the hiking trails in the morning. Where you hike and how far is up to you, but when you come back we have made one of our cozy Bäckstugor (cabins) ready for your arrival. The package also includes our 4-course Farmers Menu in restaurant Logen and a big generous breakfast the day after.

This package is not possible to book online but must be made through our booking department via telephone or email.


Hiking Package Gold

Fr. 2.405 SEK/P.


Utsikt över sjöar och skog.

Our hiking package gold is perfect for those who love to stay out in nature and who also appreciate good and carefully composed food experiences. Start your morning with a traditional Swedish fika and then bring your ready-made lunch-boxes out in the unique beech forest called “Åkulla bokskogar”. You will receive a map from us and when you are back you will have a nice relaxing time in our spa garden called Sinnenas Spa.

The evening ends with a reduced tasting menu in restaurant ÄNG before going to bed in one of our cozy hotel rooms. You will end your stay here with a generous traditional Swedish breakfast the day after of course.


Hiking Package Premium

Fr. 2.905 SEK/P.


(Suite is recommended)

This package gives the term “Glamping a whole new meaning. Trigger all your senses with all the hidden gems from our county Halland. Hike in the beautiful “Åkulla bokskogar” which is a magically beautiful regardless of season and check in into one of our luxurious suites in our spa hotel Kvarnbäckgården. Warm up in our Sinnenas Spa and enjoy a culinary journey through a tasting menu inspired by the meadows, fields, lakes and sea of Halland. The generous breakfast buffet will be served in restaurant Logen the day after.

And don’t worry, we will pack your hiking bag filled with lunch and fika.


Other packages

Shopping Package

Fr. 1.300 SEK/P.

lina går med shoppingkasse till hotellrummen

Ästad Vingård is located about 30 minutes from Ullared and Gekås Department store.

Combine your shopping with relaxing at the same time. You decide whether you want to start or end your trip with us. We make sure you leave relaxed and recharged after your stay.


Shopping Package with spa

Fr. 1.580 SEK/P.

Go for a relaxing visit to Sinnenas Spa after or before your busy shopping trip.

Charge or recharge at Ästad Vingård and enjoy a four course dinner in the evening. We will make sure you leave us energized and fit for fight.



Fr. 1.585 SEK/P.

Combine several of your favorite activities! Play golf, spend the night in cozy hotel rooms, have good food and drinks and relax in our Sinnenas spa.

Our golf packages contain the good of life, whether you choose to stay one or two nights.




Guided tour at the vineyard: 125 SEK/P.

Wine tastings:

Wine tasting, 1 glass of wine, 95 SEK/P.
Wine tasting, 3 glasses of wine, 295 SEK/P.
Wine tasting, 5 glasses of wine, 475 SEK/P.

Sparkling wine tastings:

3 glasses of sparkling wine 335 SEK/P. (minimum price 2,010 SEK/group)
5 glasses of sparkling wine 555 SEK/P. (minimum price 3,330 SEK/group)

Red wine tasting:

3 glasses of wine 295 SEK/P. (minimum price 1,770 SEK/group)

Cheese and wine:

3 cheeses and 3 glasses of wine 385 SEK/P. (minimum price 2.310 SEK/group)

Wine tasting competition:

4 glasses of wine 325 SEK/P. (minimum price 1,950 SEK/group)

Sinnenas Spa

Entrance to Sinnenas Spa: 345 SEK/P.

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday 15:00 – 18:00

Fridays 15:00 – 19:00

Saturdays 13:00 – 16:00 alt. 16:00 – 19:00 (Does not apply to day spa)

Age limit 13 years.

Prisoners on the farm

Prisoners on the farm, 395 SEK/P. (Minimum price 3.160 SEK/group)
Prisoners on the farm Jr, (up to 12 years) 325 SEK/P. (Minimum price 2,600 SEK/group)
Best of three, 295 SEK/P. (Minimum price 2.360 SEK/group)
Rental of overalls & cap, 145 SEK/P.
Wheelbarrow with snacks, 295 SEK/P. (calculated on 6 persons)
Sandwich, 65 SEK/P.
Non-alcoholic beverage, 25 SEK/P. (Pepsi, 7-up, Pepsi max, Zingo and Ramlösa)
Beer station, 80 SEK/P. (18 year age limit on all participants in the group)

High Ropes

High Ropes & Zip-line, 465 SEK/P.(Minimum price 3.720 SEK/group)
High Rope, 395 SEK/P. (minimum price 3.160 SEK/group)
Zip-line, 195 SEK/P. (Minimum price 1.170 SEK/group)
Wine & Cheese in the Skybar, 225 SEK/P. (Non-alcoholic alternative – 160 SEK/P.)
Beer & charcuteries in the Skybar, 155 SEK/P. (Alcohol-free option – 130 SEK/P.)

Other activities

Treasure hunt, 50 SEK/P.
Family feud, 60 SEK/P.


For arrival on Fridays and Saturdays, only our spa, hiking and vineyard packages apply.

Hotel Kvarnbäcksgården:


Single room, Fr. 1.165 SEK/P.
Double room, Fr. 670 SEK/P.


Single room, Fr. 1.365 SEK/P.
Double room, Fr. 770 SEK/P.


Single room, Fr. 1.565 SEK/P.
Double room, Fr. 870 SEK/P.

Hotel Stenbackagården

Single room, Fr. 865 SEK/P.
Double room, Fr. 570 SEK/P.
Triple room, Fr. 490 SEK/P.

Cottages / Villa

Solvillan, 5.450 SEK/Night.
The log cabin, 2.950 SEK/Night.
Cottage with 6 beds, 1.450 SEK/Night.
Cottage with 4 beds, 950 SEK/Night.
Cottage with 2 beds, 650 SEK/Night.
Sheets & towel, 140 SEK/P.

Book a package at Ästad Vingård

Book a Package at Ästad Vingård

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