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Be sure to make the most out of your visit! Ästad Vingård offers a great selection of activities, food and tasting experiences. On this page you will find all our private leisure packages and offers.

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Vy på sinnenas spa från hotellet

Gastro Package

Gastro package

Fr. SEK 1.890 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Thursday – Sunday

Come taste the local creative cuisine of Halland. At Restaurant ÄNG we serve a tasting menu based on produce from the meadows, farms, waters and forests around our vineyard. This package includes accommodation in a hotel room, and in the morning you’ll wake up to a delightful swedish breakfast buffet.


Vineyard Experience

Vineyard Experience

Fr. SEK 1.685 /person

Learn all about winemaking in southern Sweden! The Vineyard Experience starts off with a guided tour in the vineyard and wine production facilities. You also get a 3-glass wine tasting session, where at least one of the wines is produced at Ästad Vingård. For dinner you’re served a 4-course Farmers Menu at restaurant Logen. Sleep well in our cozy hotel rooms and wake up to a traditional Swedish breakfast.


Vineyard Experience Plus

Fr. SEK 2.340 /person

Vinter i vingårdenCan only be booked with arrival on a Thursday – Sunday

Enjoy the best of everything without having to compromise. Start with a guided tour in the vineyard and our wine production facilities. Learn more about growing grapes in Sweden and our winemaking process at Ästad. You’ll also get a 3-glass wine tasting session where at least one of the wines is produced here at the farm. Relax in a hotel room before you experience the tasting menu at Restaurant ÄNG. And of course, a traditional Swedish breakfast at restaurant Logen is included as well.


Fantastic Friday

Konferens vinprovning

Fantastic Friday

Fr. SEK 2.215 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Friday

Weekend starts here! Leave town and enjoy a wine tasting with three exciting wines from different parts of the world. Check in to a standard / superior room and enjoy your own private sauna. In the evening you will experience the tasting menu in restaurant ÄNG, inspired by the local farms, forests, lakes and meadows. Wake up to a big traditional Swedish breakfast the morning after.


Spa packages

Spa Package

Fr. SEK 1.780 /person.

Leave the city buzz and experience the quiet peacefulness at our Sinnenas Spa. Our baths and saunas are inspired by the Åkulla natural reserve, surrounding Ästad and the vineyard. This offer includes accommodation in a cozy hotel room, entrance to Sinnenas Spa, the Farmers Menu (4-course dinner) at Restaurant Logen and a big traditional Swedish breakfast the day after. We promise you will leave well rested.


Spa Package Plus

Fr. SEK 2.435 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Thursday – Sunday.

Enjoy the best Ästad has to offer when it comes to food and relaxation. Check in to a comfortable hotel room and enjoy our unique Sinnenas Spa, with saunas and baths inspired from our local natural reserves. Dinner is served at Restaurant ÄNG where you get to experience the tasting menu, signed by head chef Filip Gemzell. Wake up to a generous Swedish breakfast buffet the day after.


Sunday-Monday offer

Sunday-Monday Package

Fr. SEK 1.445 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Sunday

Sundays are for relaxation. Extend the weekend with our Sunday–Monday package. Spend the Sunday afternoon relaxing in our Sinnenas Spa. Warm up in our saunas and outdoor pool before taking a quick swim in our spring water dams. After checking in to your room, you will continue the evening with a 4-course Farmers Menu at Restaurant Logen. Wake up to a generous and healthy Swedish breakfast buffet. 



Wine & spa

Wine & spa

Fr. SEK 2.230 /person.

Taste and learn more about wine – while also enjoying our wonderful Sinnenas Spa. The Wine & Spa package grants you full access to guided winery walks, wine tasting and entrance to Sinnenas Spa. Dinner is served at the cozy Restaurant Logen, where our 4-course Farmer’s menu awaits you.


Wine & spa plus

Fr. SEK 2.885 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Thursday – Sunday

Do not miss anything to taste! This offer gives you everything we got when it comes to spa, wine and food experiences. Visit the vineyards together with a sommelier and have a 3-glass wine tasting. Relax at Sinnenas Spa and check into your hotel room, before you’re served the tasting experience at Restaurant ÄNG.


Hiking Packages

Hiking Package

Fr. SEK 2.150 /person.

Ästad Vingård and the Åkulla nature reserve are great for hiking. With our Hiking Package you start the day with a morning coffee and Swedish fika. You’ll also get a rucksack with maps of hiking trails and lunch packs.

While you are out hiking we will prepare your hotel room or a cozy Bäckstuga (cabin), ready for your return. Later in the evening you are served a 4-course Farmers Menu at Restaurant Logen.


Hiking Package Plus

Fr. SEK 2.805 /person.

Can only be booked with arrival on a Thursday – Sunday

This package gives the term “glamping” a whole new meaning. The Hiking Package Plus will trigger all your senses, enjoying every hidden gem from the Halland county. Hike in the beautiful Åkulla nature reserve, a magical experience all year around. Check in to a comfortable hotel room, before entering Sinnenas Spa, with its own underwater sauna and fresh spring water baths. When night falls, enjoy a culinary journey through our tasting menu inspired by the meadows, forests, waters and farms of Halland. A swedish breakfast buffet will be served in restaurant Logen the morning after.

And don’t worry, we will prepare your hiking bag with lunch, fika and a trail map.


Other packages

Shopping Package

Fr. SEK 1.300 /person.

lina går med shoppingkasse till hotellrummen

Ästad Vingård is located about 30 minutes from the well-known Gekås department store in Ullared. Why not combine your shopping with a relaxing vineyard experience? It’s up to you whether you want to start or end your trip with us. We’ll make sure you leave relaxed and recharged after your stay.


Shopping Package with spa

Fr. SEK 1.780 /person.

Shopping at the Gekås department store can save you quite some money. It will most likely take its toll on your energy depot as well. Be sure to visit the relaxing Sinnenas Spa before or after your busy shopping trip. Have a glass of local wine, spend some time in Sinnenas spa and enjoy a 4-course Farmers Menu in the evening. Your energy level will soon be at the top again!



Fr. SEK 1.685 /person.

Halland is a great place for playing golf. There are about 25 golf courses throughout the county, and our own favourite course is Hofgårds Golfklubb. Relax after a day at the course with some local food and wine at Ästad. Sinnenas Spa is open every day and you will even get your own private sauna in our standard / superior rooms, as well as in the suites. Make sure to have some swedish breakfast buffet before starting to swing.



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