Baths surrounded by nature

Enjoy a hot bath outdoors where you will find relaxation and balance. There are several hot baths in Sinnenas Spa – many of them have open sky as your ceiling. You can also swim in the crystal clear spring water lake – it is specifically designed to cool you down and revitalize your body. In winter you might have to break the ice for you can take a dip in the icy cold spring water. Warm up your body in our saunas to complete the ritual.

Outdoor baths

What is not more relaxing than a warming bath with the sprawling gardens and calming streams as your closest neighbour? An experience for all your senses located in the beautiful Tvååker in Varberg municipality, between Gothenburg and Falkenberg along the Swedish west coast. With views of forests and meadows you can warm your body and soul in our warm outdoor wooden hot baths.

Tjej som sitter i vedeldad badtunna med varmt vatten i.
spa bad natur

The best way to enjoy our spa

In Sinnenas Spa there is silence only to be broken by the birdsongs and the breeze of the wind in the surrounding treetops. Here you will find balance and well-being.

We believe that the best way to start your visit to Sinnenas Spa is by taking a calming moment in our underwater sauna. Relax until you are warm and your breathing has slowed down. Stay there for a while and then through firm but calm steps lower yourself into the icy spring water pond that surrounds Sinnenas Spa. Breath. Remember not to rush out of the water, stay focused for a second or two. Take some deep breaths and feel the cold spreading over your skin and inside the body.

Swim for a while and then slowly step out of the spring pond, rest a while on the wooden deck before warming yourself up in our hot baths overlooking the forest and meadows.


Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

Are you interested in visiting our spa? Contact us at info@astadvingard.se or at +46 (0)340-46061