In out spa there are four different saunas – All saunas offer different experiences, Choose from a Nordic dry sauna or a tropical steaming sauna.

Don’t forget to cool your body with a cool dip in the spring water pond between the visits to the warm saunas

Undervattensbastun i klart vatten
ved bastu utomhus

The health effects of saunas

A relaxing moment in the saunas is not only strengthening for the soul; it also creates healthy effects for your body. In the past, the sauna was called “The poor man’s apothecary” and was used for all kinds of medical treatments.

Today, there is research the shows that regular sauna bats have several advantages:

✓ Blood circulation improves – The skins gets a better luster and wrinkles are reduced
✓ It reduces headaches and infections
✓ It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
✓ The immune system is strengthened

The Underwater sauna

As far as we know we have the only underwater sauna in the world. Inside you can look at life beneath the surface in the heat from the crackling wood fueled stove. Here you get a different and memorable experience from another perspective in life and if you are lucky you might see one of our rainbow trouts swim by.

Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

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