Our very own vineyard and winery

What are the aromatics of the grape? How is the vine grown? Find out about the production, fragrance, character, undertones, atmosphere and environment. Engage all your senses and experience wine in new ways.

Go on a guided tour on the wine field or step into our winery and take part in the process as grapes are transformed into white wine. Visit our wine house and enjoy a glass of wine in a comfortable armchair with a great view of the surrounding meadows and gardens. Or challenge your taste buds in a wine tasting in our cellar.

Welcome to experience our world of Swedish wine.

Helena skördar
Viner från Ästad Vingård
Skörd och gallring i vingården
vinmakare i vineri

Swedish vineyard in the west coast county of Halland

In 2011 we decided to plant 15,000 vines on a suitable hill next to our hotel. After that came years of record-cold winters and incredibly hot summers – drought, hail, downpour and night frost. So, on the fourth year when the winter finally turned to summer, our Solaris grapes had just the right ripening rate to give the right sweetness and flavor. In 2014 we could finally harvest our first vintage and a year later, the first wine is finished in our own winery.

In 2018 we acquired more land closer to the sea in which we planted another 7,000 Solaris vines on one acre to try out the different soil and micro climate. So far it has been a success.

The Flying winemaker Lars Torstensson

For support, assistance and wisdom during our journey we have had the winemaker Lars Torstensson to advise us. It has been a great privilege for us since Lars is a renowned winemaker – an Ernest Hemingway in wine production – who’s skills are recognized both nationally and internationally. Lars is known for being at the forefront of wine development in southeastern France and has created many new wines such as Clos Dière and Rabiega Rouge. Today he collaborates with us – and together we make wine from the coastal terroir of south west Sweden.

Lars Torstensson porträtt

Guided tour in the vineyard

– Every Saturday and Sunday, and every day during the summer we offer a guided tour in our vineyard and vinery to tell you more about how we make wine in Sweden and in Ästad Vingård


Wine tastings

– Novice or expert does not matter; wine tastings is incredibly personal, let the wine and calming environment let you explore you’re your own taste and activate all of your senses.


Vineyard Experiences

Forget about France and Spain; get the whole wine experience in the heart of Halland county in Sweden’s southwestern coast. Hotel, wine tasting, spa and quality nordic cuisine.


“THE SOUTH western END get the MOST SUN and has the best soil, that is also where our Solaris plants give the best grapes”

Claes Bartoldsson – Winemaker

Book a visit to our vineyard

Book a visit to our vineyard

Are you interested in visiting our vineyard? Contact us at info@astadvingard.se or at +46 (0)340-46061