Wine tastings at Ästad Vingård

Welcome to Ästad Vingård in southwestern county of Halland, Sweden to try out our exclusive wines from all corners of the world. You can now also try genuine Swedish wine from our own vineyard. We offer tastings with several different themes that you can read more about below.

Viner från Ästad Vingård
vinprovning i vinrankan

Guided tours and wine tastings in English

Guided tours and wine tastings can be organized every day of the week if you book with a few days’ notice. If you wish to book your own private guided tour and tasting, you can do so if you are at least 6 people in the party. Submit your requests and inquiries to us via mail info@astadvingard.se or phone +46 (0)340-46061

Wine tastings

FR. 125 SEK/P.

Whether you are used to wine tastings or a novice does not really matter since wine tastings is largely based on common sense. So stop for a while and concentrate on how the wine affects your senses – and discover your own tastes.

Our wine tastings are led by one of the vineyard’s talented sommeliers. At the tastings below, there is always 1 wine from the farm and at the 3 and 5 wine tastings the other wines may vary from time to time.

Tasting of

1 glass of wine, 125 SEK/P. (minimum price 1,000 SEK/group)
3 glasses of wine, 325 SEK/P. (minimum price 2,600 SEK/group)
5 glasses of wine, 475 SEK/P. (minimum price 3,800 SEK/group)

Wine tasting of sparkling wines

FR 335 SEK/P

Bubbles in focus!

Here at Ästad we have a great interest in sparkling wines in all its forms. In this tasting you get the opportunity to try different kinds of sparkling wines and you also learn about the methods behind them. The reason for our specific interest in the sparkling wines is that we are aiming to make a Swedish sparkling wine that can make a name for itself on the international market. We have finally released our own sparkling wine made in the traditional method for tasting in the wine cellar. It is included in all the tastings below.

Tasting of:

3 glasses of sparkling wine, 335 SEK/P. (minimum price 2,680 SEK/group)
5 glasses of sparkling wine, 555 SEK/P. (minimum price 4,440 SEK/group)

Book a wine tasting

Book a wine tasting

Are you interested to book a wine tasting or would you like to know more of our other themed tastings? Please contact us at info@astadvingard.se alternatively call us +46 (0)340-46061.