About Ästad Vingård

In 1985, Rolf and Ann-Catrine Carlsson took over Ästad Gård from Rolf's parents. Unfortunately, the profitability of small-scale agriculture had begun to decline at this time, and life as a farmer was not easy. Instead of expanding the size of the farm, the couple transformed the business to organic milk production and became one of the first organic milk farms in Sweden.

Curious about the country-side

They also started a small-scale tourist business with a farm café, restaurant, and rooms for overnight stays. And even though most people had no idea what organic milk was at this time, they very much wanted to visit the country-side. Bookings rapidly started to increase.

The grandchildren take over

After working on the farm since childhood, the grandchildren Linda, Mattias, and Daniel took over Ästad Gård in 2010. Soon after that, Ästad had gone back to its roots as a place for agriculture again. But this time as a vineyard.

Sparkling wines

About 30,000 vines of the Solaris grape are grown on the premises. We also have about a hundred vines of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We are convinced that Solaris does its best as sparkling wine, and therefore every step is adapted to create the best sparkling wine possible. The cultivation is organic, and our wines are sold only at Ästad Vingård.

Sinnenas Spa

Ästad Vingård also hosts Sinnenas Spa. A place for relaxation and new impressions for our visitors. We went to the neighboring nature reserve Åkulla Bokskogar, located around the vineyard, and brought home some nature. Authentic sounds have been recorded in the forests, and the unique scents, created together with fragrance experts, are inspired by nature reserves.

Halland flavors

There are three restaurants at Ästad Vingård. The Smakbaren at Sinnenas Spa, Restaurant Logen, and our creative Restaurant ÄNG. We do our best to always work with local ingredients and flavors from the area.

A sustainable country-side

Ästad Vingård is a Nordic Eco-labelled destination (the Svanen label). Our vineyard cultivation is organic. Restaurant ÄNG (and its vegetable cultivation) has a two star KRAV-label. The KRAV label stands for food produced without artificial chemical pesticides, good animal welfare, reduced climate impact, more biodiversity, and better working conditions. We only buy green electricity. If you drive an electric car, you can charge the vehicle in our charging stations.


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