Sinnenas Spa

Sinnenas Spa (Spa of the senses) harnesses nature’s basic elements, earth, air, fire and water to create a source of calm and regeneration. The philosophy of Sinnenas Spa, is “healing through nature” and being surrounded by the beautiful Swedish forest and our sprawling gardens it truly offers a unique experience.

Tjej påväg ner i källvattendamm

Outdoor baths surrounded by the garden and forest

In Sinnenas Spa you’re surrounded by water and attractive, natural vegetation. The spa is based round the ”Kvarnbäcksdammen” pond, which only a decade ago, was still being used as a mill pond. Those same water who used to provide electricity to the farm now generate a very different kind of energy.

Experience the calm in the beautiful environment located a short drive inland from the municipality of Varberg along the Swedish west coast. It is a convenient distance if you are visiting Gothenburg or Halmstad.

Here, you can breathe out and find peace.

The perfect spa experience all year round

Take a relaxing dip in our hot baths under the open sky, swim in crystal clear spring water or take a relaxing stroll through our gardens that surrounds Sinnenas Spa

Our outdoor spa is perfect for the cool and bright spring days as well as the cold and snowy winters. Warm yourself in a hot bath or in one of our saunas. Or just find a sunny corner somewhere where you can enjoy the Blackbird’s song and the calming sound of rippling water.

 “Sinnenas Spa is situated close to our pond, in which a century ago was used by the mill to provide energy to the farm. Now the waters provide a different kind of energy”

Warm both body and soul in our saunas

Water and heat have always been both calming and energizing for mankind.

Enjoy our various saunas and their healthy warmth. In between the saunas you can take a cool dip in our spring water pond where the body is revitalized and the soul relaxed. A nice contrast to the stressful weekdays. Here you can breathe out and find peace.

Find your inner calm in Sinnenas Spa

Swim in a pond of rippling spring water, contemplate under the starry sky in a hot bath, put in a piece of firewood in the fire or observe life below the surface in our underwater sauna.

In Sinnenas Spa, nature is close and provides harmony and silence. A place where you can reflect and find well-being and balance

Vy på sinnenas spa från hotellet

Energizing saunas

The Sinneas spa offers four different sauna baths where you can enjoy its warmth and laps with cool dip. Bathing a sauna is a wonderful way to relax where you can replenish with new energy. Take part of the sauna tradition’s ancient tradition with its energizing health effects.


Outdoor hot baths

Find balance in life in one of our seven heated spas. You can also taka refreshing and healthy dip in the crystal clear spring water lake under the open sky where you are surrounded by forests and meadows. Here you can be enriched by restful experiences that give power and harmony.



Take some extra time and experience the relaxing spa during an afternoon. You and your friends can enjoy the full spa experience with all our four unique saunas and the wood fueled hot baths. Here you can breathe out and get new energy in the natural environment. A tranquil oasis where you will find peace.


Spa packages

To be able to sit in a hot bath surrounded by the warm sensation the water brings and to feel the cool breeze in your face with the open skies above you is an experience which is hard to beat. To enjoy the warmth of the Underwater sauna and then take a cool dip in the spring water pond is possibly an even better sensation. Our spa packages offer a complete experience with accommodation in our cozy hotel rooms, a genuine Nordic dinner and of course access to our spa.

Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

Book a visit to Sinnenas Spa

Are you interested in visiting our spa? Contact us at info@astadvingard.se or at +46 (0)340-46061